January 16, 2018

As the first gust of winter wind takes the final leaves from their trees each November, I experience an internal sense of transition. I’ve said before, “I don’t love the wintertime,” but the truth is that I oftentimes crave the forthcoming change of season. A cold, snowy season is an inevitable part of cyclical change; therefore, it seems necessary to ultimately embrace. Born and raised in Ohio, humid summers and chilling winters were an ever-returning part of my life, and more and more, I noticed each induced change in my own behaviors and wants.

It seems all seasons provide their own breeds of hardship and beauty—physically and metaphorically. All include teachable moments if we look and listen carefully. For instance, I was recently at an outdoor photoshoot on a 20° winter day. I glanced down and quickly noticed a magnolia branch that had fallen from a few feet above. The branch of leaves was covered in a blanket of fresh snow, and it was as if the snow fell to preserve all that was able to grow during the time allotted. The very thought of that felt beautiful to me. The magnolia branch landed close to where she grew and was wrapped in snow before returning to the earth that allowed her to exist at all. A change of season. A sign of something cyclical once again.

This moment reminded me of all that surrounds us to preserve our own fleeting moments, perhaps a moment that fell too soon, only to exist in memory. But, just as this branch was wrapped in snow, so, too, are our losses and shortcomings wrapped in change, growth, kinship, and so much more.

I will leave a bit of food for thought. Have you recently experienced a moment in nature that has taught you something about your own existence? Do you allow the changing of seasons to teach you something new?


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