November 18, 2016


How is your week thus far? Jared and I spent a long weekend in New Orleans, a city seemingly full of stories unlike any I’ve heard before. If walls began to talk, I’d want to be there. It was a treat to experience a new city, new people, and new life after a tumultuous election process and an overwhelming election day. The city is painted in pastels and covered in dark green accents in the form of fresh vegetation. It’s filled with a magical sound of music – something of which I will never tire. Visiting New Orleans was an opportune pick-me-up indeed.

Below are a few more pick-me-ups that have been so appreciated this past week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

The songs on this list have been playing through my headphones throughout the last 24 hours.

 The Knits Collection by Elizabeth Suzann and Kordal is meant to channel strength and sanctuary.

This quote by Abraham Lincoln is paradoxically simple and incredibly complicated.

          “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.”

Art is powerful in times of celebration and in times of mourning. Parisian artist, Inès Longevial, creates the most beautiful and abstract work.

The piano will always be my favorite instrument. I love this new song by Ben Abraham and Sara Bareilles. Cue tears.

This series by A Cup of Jo is my favorite each and every week.

Bloggers are using their platforms to promote engagement and change more than I’ve ever seen before. Way to go, Ashlae(I also love this essay by Erin of Reading my Tea Leaves and this list of ways to get involved by Lexi at A Cup of Jo.)

Thank you for being, On BeingThis episode in particular meant so much to me last week.

Sometimes simple is better. I loved this mantra shared in my yoga class this week:

          “May your heart be kind. May your mind me fierce. May your spirit be brave.”

Documentation of I.M. Pei’s works have finally made it onto our bookshelf.

Have a great rest of your week, friends.

Painting by Inès Longevial


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