September 26, 2016


We moved from Boston to Nashville nearly two years ago. Jared’s first day of work happened to coincide with moving day, so we had to be somewhat strategic about our move-in plan. In this case, a strategic plan began with accepting that moving day would feel a bit like running a marathon. We began the day at 2:00am, arrived in Nashville at 10:00am, unloaded our belongings, and returned our U-Haul before 12:00noon. Jared left for work, and I began unpacking. Luckily, we had a full supply of adrenaline on moving day. We were so excited to be moving to Nashville. (We are even more excited to be living here today.)

Upon moving to Music City, we were repeatedly told we came at a very special time. This city is so different than it used to be. Something new is always poppin’ up. We heard these words over and over again. I catch myself saying the same phrases to newcomers, as well. Already, the city feels different than it did two years ago. We oftentimes count the many cranes in sight while out for a walk in our neighborhood. (We’ve counted up to thirteen cranes in plain sight before.) This is a special time indeed, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

One of the many new spots poppin’ up in town is Broadstone Germantown, a soulful living space in our neighborhood. I visited the property recently and was so impressed by its rooftop view of downtown Nashville–complete with a lounge, ping pong table, and fire pit. Broadstone Germantown is also home to a songwriter’s room, a business center, and well-designed living quarters. Its setting is near First Tennessee Park and only a few blocks from several of my favorite spots in town including Wilder, Rolf and Daughters, and Bicentennial Park.

Photos of Broadstone Germantown and our neighborhood are below!


A warm lobby area


Rainy day views atop Broadstone Germantown


Business Center


Common area for all residents


Sofa details

broadstone06broadstone07broadstone08 broadstone09

Views of Germantown

Visit Broadstone Germantown online or in person at 1100 3rd Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37208.

This post was created in partnership with Broadstone Germantown, a living complex in Nashville, TN. All opinions are my own.


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