December 28, 2014


As 2014 comes to an end, I am grateful. I understand I have spoken often of gratefulness lately. This year has not only been full of great change for Jared and me, but I have also been more intentional about practicing self-reflection. I love how the result of this change and reflection has steadily been gratefulness.

Below are a few of my favorite memories from 2014. Thank you for being a part of this year with me. It has been Jared’s and my best year yet. And, as we believe, the best is yet to come.


Jared and I enjoyed the springtime in Boston before moving south to Nashville. Boston will always be a special place to us. We love how our relationships with friends in Boston have continued to grow since leaving, too. 


I spent a weekend in Chicago with a dear girlfriend.

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Jared and I traveled from Boston to New York City any chance we could get. It’s one of our favorite cities!


We prepared for our wedding!


I met my niece, sisters and mom in Washington, D.C. for a spontaneous weekend away.


My research lab traveled to Acadia National Park during the work week to camp and hike. I am thankful for the friendships that developed during my year at Harvard. Each and every one of them has pushed me to be a better woman. 


We moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Goodness, I love Nashville. I love Nashville so much.


We created our first Nashville home.


We asked our dearest friends and family to join in our wedding day fun.


My family hosted a beautiful bridal shower in celebration of our wedding. Also, this lady above is somethin’ else. My life would look a lot different without her in it. She is an example of strength, loyalty, and perseverance. I am honored to call her a friend.

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We got MARRIED! Marriage has been the greatest gift. I want to cherish my marriage with all that I have. 


We honeymooned in Jamaica. Can I just say the honeymoon may contend for the best part of getting married?


 We visited Ohio. This place will always be home. It’s always so grounding to visit our family and friends there.

Happy New Year, folks! I hope that when you look back over the past year, you realize the hardships have strengthened you in some way. I hope you have allowed them to teach you and to mold you. I hope that when you look back, the goodness casts shadows over the difficulty, too.

I am thrilled to welcome 2015 with each and every one of you! Here’s to the New Year!


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