October 10, 2016


Moondance by Goodwin

I’ve been a homebody for as long as I can remember. I grew up with two sisters, and on weekends our parents would find us spending time with each other before leaving the house to be with childhood friends. We each had our own room in the home we spent most of our childhood, but we shared a fourth room where our movies, piano, and games lived. My little sister and I would spend hours choreographing gymnastics routines, and my older sister and I would begrudgingly practice piano no longer than absolutely necessary. The easiest way to find contentment, it seemed, was to stay home and spend those precious weekend days with each other.

The same was true in college, and the same is true today. Home is the place I feel most at ease, the place I feel safest. It is the place I can be hidden without feeling like I’m hiding. Those close to me oftentimes hear me say phrases similar to: “I’m so glad to be home!”

“We aren’t leaving the couch this weekend!”

“We’re staying home all day.”

Home means many things to me. It currently means being with Jared, Jones, and Albert. It means all four of us are on our couch. It’s before noon, and there are no plans pulling us away. A Netflix original is on. (Right now, it’s Narcos.) A new candle is burning. (Right now, it’s Moondance by Goodwin.) Of course, the candle is out of reach from both Jones and Albert. I remind myself to blow it out before too long because I don’t want the entire candle to turn into gaseous particles in less than a week. The sound of clothes tumbling in the dryer is detectable, but neither Jared nor I feel much pressure to fold them as soon as we hear the beep of a completed cycle. We’re ever-so-slightly tired. One of us hasn’t brushed our teeth yet. We’re drinking our coffee slowly, so slowly that it becomes room temperature before the cup is dry. Sun rays are beginning to pour in, and the house smells like a combination the aforementioned candle and caffeine-laden aroma. We’re home, and it’s exactly where we want to be.

Of course, I oftentimes wonder if being home is more akin an emotion or a feeling – rather than a physical setting. Perhaps it is both.

Home will soon mean being in Ohio with family and close friends. It will mean celebrating the marriage of a best friend and college roommate instead of lounging on our couch. It will mean sharing a Thanksgiving meal in the country instead of slowly drinking our coffee. It will mean detecting the smell of my grandmother’s perfume instead of a new candle. Soon, the feeling of home will change for a short time – before evolving further and further – for as long as we allow.

September 26, 2016


We moved from Boston to Nashville nearly two years ago. Jared’s first day of work happened to coincide with moving day, so we had to be somewhat strategic about our move-in plan. In this case, a strategic plan began with accepting that moving day would feel a bit like running a marathon. We began the day at 2:00am, arrived in Nashville at 10:00am, unloaded our belongings, and returned our U-Haul before 12:00noon. Jared left for work, and I began unpacking. Luckily, we had a full supply of adrenaline on moving day. We were so excited to be moving to Nashville. (We are even more excited to be living here today.)

Upon moving to Music City, we were repeatedly told we came at a very special time. This city is so different than it used to be. Something new is always poppin’ up. We heard these words over and over again. I catch myself saying the same phrases to newcomers, as well. Already, the city feels different than it did two years ago. We oftentimes count the many cranes in sight while out for a walk in our neighborhood. (We’ve counted up to thirteen cranes in plain sight before.) This is a special time indeed, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

One of the many new spots poppin’ up in town is Broadstone Germantown – a soulful living space in our neighborhood. I visited the property recently and was so impressed by its rooftop view of downtown Nashville – complete with a lounge, ping pong table, and fire pit. Broadstone Germantown is also home to a songwriter’s room, a business center, and well-designed living quarters. Its setting is near First Tennessee Park and only a few blocks from several of my favorite spots in town including Wilder, Rolf and Daughters, and Bicentennial Park.

Photos of Broadstone Germantown and our neighborhood are below!


A warm lobby area


Rainy day views atop Broadstone Germantown


Business Center


Common area for all residents


Sofa details

broadstone06broadstone07broadstone08 broadstone09

Views of Germantown

Visit Broadstone Germantown online or in person at 1100 3rd Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37208.

This post was created in partnership with Broadstone Germantown, a living complex in Nashville, TN. All opinions are my own.

September 16, 2016


It isn’t often Jared and I sneak away for a day or two – just the two of us – without our furry children. We made an exception last weekend. Chattanooga, Tennessee was calling. We packed an overnight bag, handed our house keys to a trusted friend, and drove two hours southeast to Scenic City. Our anniversary would take place the following Tuesday, so we planned to celebrate early while away. This was our first trip to Chattanooga, so there was much to take in. The city rests beside the winding Tennessee River and among the Appalachian Mountains and Cumberland Plateau. At the right vantage point, we could see rolling hills through the cityscape.

We stayed at The Dwell Hotel, a funky and colorful abode in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. We shared an anniversary dinner at Easy Bistro and ended the evening with cocktails at Matilda Midnight.

Come morning we indulged our appetites without having to go too far. The Dwell Hotel is also home to Terra Máe, a wonderfully fun spot to share an omelette and house made potato donuts. POTATO DONUTS. We then headed to Tennessee Aquarium and Hunter Museum of American Art before heading home to our aforementioned furry children.

Photos are below of our short weekend in Chattanooga! Happy Anniversary, dear Jared.

chattanooga02 chattanooga03 chattanooga04

The Dwell Hotel and Terra Máe


Hunter Museum of American Art

chattanooga09 chattanooga10

Near Rembrandt’s


Paddleboarders on the Tennessee River

Have a great weekend, friends!

August 23, 2016


Summertime in New York City

More photos from this trip (taken in July) are posted here. Have a great week!

August 18, 2016


T.G.I.T. Happy almost Friday, friends!

A few of my favorite things as of late are below!

These modern day Cinderella slippers make me want to dance my way into the office each day.

Uber is introducing an impressive fleet of self-driving cars this month.

I’m already planning a trip to Cleveland, Ohio in 2018.

This book has completely transformed the way I make decisions each and every day.

I deleted Snapchat and am feeling a lot like this as a result.

Meryl Streep continues to blow me away.

Jared and I are heading to Chattanooga (for the first time) next month and staying in this charming hotel.

Have a great weekend!

July 17, 2016


I oftentimes call my mom on my way home from work in the afternoons. We chat for ten minutes or so, and if I’m lucky, she is hangin’ with my niece, Mylah, who is able to say, “Hello!”, as well. We then say our goodbyes before I walk through the door to see Albert, Jones, and Jared if he has beaten me home.

Recently, during one of those phone calls, I mentioned to my mom that I was soon headed to New York City to see Manus x Machina at The Met. The exhibit had been on my mind for quite some time, and I was itching to see it in person before its closing. I felt there was so much to learn from an exhibit that studied the relationship between man and machine. After all, it seems I consider this simultaneously unsettling and comforting dichotomy almost daily when thinking not only about clothing, but also when choosing food from a grocery store versus food from a local farmers’ marketnatural medicine versus modern medicine, hands-on experiences versus Googled experiences, and so on. 

Phew, this could escalate quickly into a philosophical rabbit hole.

Within ten minutes of describing this all to my mom, she, too, was itching to see the exhibit in person and to spend some time together, as well. Before another week could pass, we had each booked flights to the city and had created a plan for the weekend ahead. Our plan, sure enough, began with Manus x Machina.

Fast forward to arriving at The Met.

After getting our tickets (our mind-blowing tickets), we walked through The Great Hall and Medieval Art before being greeted by the most elaborate wedding ensemble I have ever seen. The proceeding three hours included 3-D printed ensembles, hand-beaded gowns, endless pleats and folds, and much more.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces and experiences (among many others) (more than 170 others to be exact) from the exhibit.


House of Chanel, Wedding Ensemble 2005


Yves Saint Laurent, Spring/Summer 1983


House of Dior, “L’Eléphant Blanc”, Spring/Summer 1958


Alexander McQueen, Spring/Sumer 2009


Gareth Pugh, Autumn/Winter 2015 

“Every straw was cut by hand… They were attached individually with metal hardware – a little twisted jewelry fitting that hooked onto the fabric base. On the runway, you could hear them before you saw them. And they moved beautifully – like feathers caught in a gust of wind.”


House of Dior, Autumn/Winter 2014-15 + Prada, Autumn/Winer 2015-16 + Louis Vuitton Co., Spring/Summer 2012


House of Chanel, Wedding Ensemble, 2014


Mariano Fortuny, 1920s


Iris van Herpen, Autumn Winter 2014-15


House of Givenchy, 1963 + Alexander McQueen, Spring/Summer 2012


Miyake Design Studio, “Rhythm Pleats”, Spring/Summer 1990


Iris van Herpen, Spring/Summer 2015

See a couple of my favorite articles about the exhibit here, here, and here.

The exhibit is open until September 5th. You can purchase the Manus x Machina book here.